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IT Projects

Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)
Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, has launched the Restructured Accelerated PowerDevelopment and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) in
the XI Five year Plan. Power FinanceCorporation Limited (PFC) has been designated by Ministry of Power, Govt. of Indiaas the Nodal
Agency for the programme. The programme spans from data acquisitionat distribution level till monitoring of results of steps taken to
provide an ITbackbone and strengthening of the Electricity Distribution system across the Countryunder the programme. The objective
of the programme is reduction of AT&C lossesto 15% in project areas. 
The program is divided into 2 parts: Part-A and Part-B.
     Part-A : Establishment of IT Infrastructurefor data, IT Application for energy accounting/auditing and IT based Consumer Services.
     Part-B : Distribution system strengtheningand augmentation.
The Programme
Programme consists of Part-A covering Information Technology application in theelectricity distribution system and Part B covering the  
System strengthening, improvementand augmentation of distribution system capacity. Both parts entail planning ofmeasures to be  
taken under the programme, implementation of such measures to betaken and monitoring / evaluation of results / impact of the  
programme as a wholeand of its various components across the Country. The focus of the programme shallbe on actual, demonstrable 
performance in terms of loss reduction. Establishmentof reliable and automated systems for sustained collection of accurate base line 
data, and the adoption of Information Technology in the areas of energy accountingwill be essential for the success of the R-APDRP. 
  • The Programme is proposed to be implemented on all India basis covering Towns andCities with a population of more than 30,000 (10,000 in case of Special CategoryStates) as per population data of 2001 Census. 
  • Projects under the scheme shall be taken up in Two Parts. Part-A shall include theprojects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing& IT based consumer service centers. Part-B shall include regular distributionstrengthening projects. 
The activities to be covered under each part are as follows
Part–A : Preparation of Base-line Data System for the projectarea covering Consumer Indexing,GIS Mapping, Automatic Metering (ARM)
on DistributionTransformers and Feeders,and Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers&Feeders and SCADA /DMS system 
It would include Asset Mapping of the entire distributionnetwork at and below the 11kV transformers and include the Distribution  
Transformers and Feeders,Low Tension lines,poles and other distribution network equipment.It will also include adoption of IT applicat
 -ions for meter reading, billing & collection;energy accounting & auditing;MIS, Redressal of consumer grievances and establishmentof IT 
enabled consumer service centers etc.
The I.T. implementation agency (ITIA) would supply,install and commission one integratedIT solution within the broad framework provid
-ed in the SRS (System Requirement Specification)document. Steering Committee of Ministry of Power under the guidance of Ministryof
Power has finalized a detailed SRS document which covers all the components ofthe project including hardware, software, networking, 
GIS among others which shallhelp the utilities improve their performance.
R-APDRP Part-A programme is being implemented in 38 towns of NBPDCL.
Towns covered under R-APDRP Part-A
**Towns not covered under R-APDRP Part-B Scheme. TOWN Approved Project Cost (Rs. Crs.) ELECTRIC SUPPLY CIRCLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY AREA
1 Patna 93.53 PESU(E), PESU(W) PESU Area, Patna
2 Maner 0.86 Patna Central Area, Patna
3 Bakhtiarpur 0.80
4 Barh 1.21
5 Fatuha 1.23
6 Masaurhi 1.20
7 Mokama 0.89
8 Arrah ** 1.20 Bhojpur (Arrah)
9 Buxar ** 0.89
10 Dumroan 0.85
11 Biharsharif ** 4.94 Nalanda (Biharsharif)
12 Hilsa 0.91
13 Rajgir 1.15
14 Gaya 50.51 Gaya Magadh Area, Gaya
15 Aurangabad 2.24
16 Bodh Gaya 1.11
17 Daudnagar 0.77
18 Jahanabad 1.94
19 Makhdumpur 0.62
20 Nawada 1.29
21 Sherghati 1.01
22 Warsaliganj 0.59
23 Sasaram 2.21 Nalanda (Biharsharif)
24 Bhabua 1.17
25 Bikramaganj 0.66
26 Dehri 1.62
27 Bhagalpur 6.43 Bhagalpur Bhagalpur Area, Bhagalpur
28 Sultanganj 0.92
29 Banka 1.15
30 Naugachhia 1.06
31 Munger 2.69 Munger
32 Sheikhpura 1.16
33 Bar Bigha 0.60
34 Jamalpur 1.21
35 Lakhisarai 1.53
36 Jha Jha 0.97
37 Barhiya 0.60
38 Jamui 1.07
Total Cost 197.50
Part–B: It covers renovation, modernization and strengtheningof 33/11 kV level Substations, Transformers, Re-conductoring of lines at
11KV leveland below,Load Bifurcation,Feeder segregation, Load Balancing, Aerial BunchedConductoring in thickly populated areas, HVDS,
installation of capacitor banks and mobile service centers etc. In exceptional cases,where sub-transmission systemis weak, strengthening
at 33 kV levels may also be considered.
R-APDRP Part-B programme is being implemented in 35 towns of NBPDCL.
Towns covered under R-APDRP Part-B TOWN Approved Project Cost (Rs. Crs.) ELECTRIC SUPPLY CIRCLE ELECTRIC SUPPLY AREA
1 Maner 0.95 Patna Central Area, Patna
2 Bakhtiarpur 5.70
3 Barh 10.35
4 Fatuha 12.97
5 Masaurhi 1.89
6 Mokama 4.24
7 Dumroan 3.96 Bhojpur (Arrah)
8 Hilsa 1.86 Nalanda (Biharsharif)
9 Rajgir 2.50
10 Gaya 0.95 Gaya Magadh Area, Gaya
11 Aurangabad 12.98
12 Bodh Gaya 15.89
13 Daudnagar 1.83
14 Jahanabad 11.88
15 Makhdumpur 4.93
16 Nawada 5.75
17 Sherghati 3.05
18 Warsaliganj 2.15
19 Sasaram 20.39 Rohtas (Sasaram)
20 Bhabua 9.59
21 Bikramaganj 6.79
22 Dehri 18.66
23 Bhagalpur 55.71 Bhagalpur Bhagalpur Area, Bhagalpur
24 Sultanganj 3.37
25 Banka 4.66
26 Naugachhia 4.33
27 Munger 23.51 Munger
28 Sheikhpura 6.07
29 Bar Bigha 5.71
30 Jamalpur 10.54
31 Lakhisarai 9.08
32 Jha Jha 3.13
33 Barhiya 4.60
34 Jamui 7.46
35 Patna 506.14 PESU(E), PESU(W) PESU Area, Patna
Total 868.02
The Part-A of R-APDRP also envisages installation of SCADA/DMS projects in the townwhich have population of 4(Four) Lakhs and above
as per census of 2001 and energyconsumption of 350 MU and above. 
The SCADA/DMS System will provide Real time monitoring & control, loss minimization/loadbalancing and considerable improvement in for
voltage/VAR profiles. It would also facilitateproper handling of loads while load shedding & restoration, efficient planning ofnetwork for
future growth by using proven power system planning tools. All softwareapplications & RTUs/FRTUs including system sizing requirements
the same shallbe considered in the SCADA/DMS system within the broad framework provided in theMTS (Model Technical Specification)
Only one town Patna is eligible for implementation of SCADA/DMS projects under Part-Aof R-APDRP. SCADA/DMS Project DPR of Patna
has been approved by Steering Committeeof MoP for a project cost of Rs. 34.36 Crores. Govt. of India approved Rs. 22.02Crores as
loan. Balance fund of Rs. 12.34 Crores by Govt. of Bihar as loan.