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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 29-Jan-2021Others Income tax Declaration form for Financial Year 2020-21 and Assessment Year 2021-22
2 22-Jan-2021Human Resource Regading newly created Electric Suppty Division' Bahadurganj, Forbisganj, chakia, Benipur, Pupri & Barsoi.vide office order no 91 dated 22.01.2021
3 12-Jan-2021Administration Annual Report for FY 2019-20
4 11-Jan-2021Administration Minutes of meeting held on dated- 21 to 23 -December 2020
5 05-Jan-2021Administration Inviting Quotation for selection of Accredited Energy Auditor Firm for MEA(FY 2020-21) vide quotation notice no- 01 dated- 05.01.2021
6 27-Nov-2020Administration Regarding nomination of master trainer, nodal officer and member of technical team for "Har Khet Ko Pani" program
7 21-Sep-2020Administration Regarding suspension vacate & posting of JEE, MRT KISHNAGANJ vide office order no- 807 & memo no- 451 dt- 21.09.2020
8 10-Aug-2020Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting AITM vide Notification no. 263 memo no. 264 dated 10.08.2020
9 27-Jul-2020Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting/additional charge of EEE/AEE vide Notification no. 329 to 331 memo no. 332 dated 27.07.2020
10 27-Jul-2020Human Resource Regarding deputation of JEE in SLDC vide Office Order no. 705 memo no. 328 dated 27.07.2020
11 09-Jul-2020Human Resource Regarding additional charge of AITM vide notfication no. 320-322 memo no. 323 dated 09.07.2020
12 09-Jul-2020Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting/additional charge of workmen vide Office Order no. 699 memo no. 319 dated 09.07.2020
13 16-Jun-2020Administration Regarding Work allocated to Sri Vinod Kumar Gupta, DGM(HR/ADM.) Vide Office Order No. 612 and Memo No. 115 Dt. 16/06/2020
14 02-Jun-2020Commercial Department Petition for approval of Smart Metering Project for single & three phase whole current meters for urban areas (IPDS Towns), rural areas single & three phase whole current meters for metered consumers of NDS and LTIS categories, unmetered consumers, agriculture consumers & Connection under Har Ghar Nal Jal Yojana and Smart Metering Cost and Expenses to be recovered from FY 2020-21 onwards as a part of A&G expenses over and above the norms specified under MYT Order which would be a part of an ARR
15 02-Jun-2020Commercial Department Public notice for comment /suggestion /objections in BERC case no-5/2020
16 01-Jun-2020Human Resource Regarding cancellation of all previous order related to day wise alternate arrangement of employees during lockdown vide Office Order No. 550 memo no 244 dated 01/06/2020
17 28-May-2020Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting of AO vide notification no.49 memo no. 50 dated 28.05.2020
18 14-May-2020Human Resource Regarding rectification of Drawing & Disbursing Officer, MRT Division vide O.O. No. 508 memo no 234 dt. 14.05.2020
19 02-May-2020Human Resource Regarding extension of day wise alternate arrangement of different Department/Section and Officers/Employees under NBPDCL vide O.O. No. 490 memo no. 231 dated 02.05.2020.
20 02-May-2020Human Resource Regarding extension of day/shift wise alternate arrangement of SLDC Officers /Employees vide O.O. No. 491 memo no. 232 dated 02.05.2020.