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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 15-Dec-2018Administration Regarding transfer & posting of JEE under NBPDCL vide notification no. 1332 memo no. 1333 dated 15.12.2018
2 14-Dec-2018Administration Regarding transferred and posting of AO under NBPDCL vide Notification No. 840 Memo No. 841 dated 14.12.2018
3 14-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Additional Charge of Chief Engineer under NBPDCL vide Notification No. 1542 Memo No. 1543 dated 14.12.2018
4 14-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Transferred and Posting of AEE under NBPDCL vide Notification No. 1544 Memo No. 1545 dated 14.12.2018
5 14-Dec-2018Administration Regarding transfer & posting of JEE under NBPDCL vide notification no. 1327 memo no. 1328 dated 14.12.2018
6 13-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of AE (Civil) vide Notification No. 838, Memo No. 839 Dated 13.12.2018
7 07-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Posting of Electrical Executive Engineer, Electric Supply Division, Jhanjharpur vide Notification No. 1506, Memo No. 1507 Dated 07.12.2018
8 07-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Posting of following E.Ex.Es vide Notification No. 1504 and Memo No., 1505 Dated 07.12.2018
9 20-Nov-2018Administration Regarding transfer & posting of Sri Anwar Alam, E.Ex.E
10 08-Nov-2018Human Resource Regarding Additional charge of EE(civil) Electric Supply Circle, chapra vide Notification No.783 and Memo No. 784 Dated 08.11.2018
11 08-Nov-2018Human Resource Regarding Posting of JAC to Electric Supply Division Muzaffarpur (Urban-II) vide Office Order No. 2092 and Memo No. 679 Dt. 08.11.2018
12 31-Oct-2018Human Resource Transfer Transfer & Posting of JEE,AITM vide notification no. 1171 and memo No.-1172 dt- 31.10.2018
13 15-Oct-2018Administration Regarding Posting of E. Ex. E. vide Notification No. 1264 and Memo No. 1265 Dated 15.10.2018
14 15-Oct-2018Administration Regarding posting of following officers vide Notification No. 1113 and Memo No. 1114 Dt. 15.10.2018
15 15-Oct-2018Human Resource Regarding Deputation of Assistant IT Managers to DGM(F&A), NBPDCL HQ, Patna vide Notification No. 1115, 1116 and Memo. No. 1117 Dt. 15.10.2018
16 12-Oct-2018Human Resource Regarding deputation of Sri Chandan Lal AEE at Muzaffarpur vide Notification No. 1938 Memo no. 1260 dated 12.10.2018
17 10-Oct-2018Human Resource Regarding depution of EEE at Muzaffarpur and sitamarhi vide office order No.- 1925 and memo No.-1241 dt- 10.10.2018
18 09-Oct-2018Administration Transfer & Posting of Sri Ranjit Kumar Thakur, SBO vide office order No.- 1898 and memo no- 931 dt-09.10.2018
19 09-Oct-2018Administration Transfer Transfer & Posting of Smt Priti Kumari,SBO vide office order No.- 1899 and memo No.-932 dt- 09.10.2018
20 09-Oct-2018Administration Transfer and Posting of Sri Rajeev Kumar & Sri Anjani Kumar Srivastav, SBO vide Office Order number 1900 and Memo No. 933 dt.- 09.10.2018