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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 01-Jun-2019Administration Regarding Salary of New recuited JEE vide Office Order No. 1424 & Memo No. 96 Dt. 01/06/2019
2 08-May-2019Administration Regarding suspension of Sri Jaynandan Kumar, JEE Telpa Chapra(W), Vide Office Order No. 1334 & Memo. No. 176 Dt. 08/05/2019
3 25-Apr-2019Administration Regarding Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Shri Amrendra Kumar, Security Guard (Contract) ESSD Sonepur
4 09-Apr-2019Administration Regarding Corrigendum of Officer Order No. 1201 & Memo. No. 22 Dt. 08/04/2019 Vide Order No. 1205 & Memo. No. 23 Dated 09/04/2019
5 08-Apr-2019Administration Office Order Regarding Newly Created Civil Offices of Circle/Division/Subdivision Vide Off. Order No. 1201 & Memo No. 22 Dated 08/04/2019
6 08-Apr-2019Administration Office Order Regarding New Created Subdivision Vide Office Order No. 1202 and Memo. No. 16 Dated 08/04/2019
7 08-Mar-2019Human Resource Office order regarding creation of newly created Electric Supply Section vide office order no- 1032 & memo no- 361 dt- 07.03.2019
8 08-Mar-2019Commercial Department Tariff Rate after govt. subsidy to Consumers (category-wise) against the tariff fixed by BERC for the FY 2019-20
9 18-Feb-2019Administration Submission of NB-264 FORM for issue of pay-slip vide letter n- 175 & memo no- 175 dated- 18.02.2018
10 16-Feb-2019Human Resource Office order regarding functioning of existing MRT DIVISION & central store, Purnea & Samastipur for the newly created Circle, Kishanganj & Begusarai vide office order no- 893 & memo no-253 dated- 16.02.2019
11 13-Feb-2019Project-I Tender Cancellation Notice against NIT NO- 11/PR/NBPDCL/2019 vide memo no- 842 dated- 13.02.2019
12 12-Feb-2019Human Resource Regarding Suspension of Increment for one year to Sri Bablu Rawat JEE Saraigarh Bhaptiyahi vide Order No. 224 Memo No. 225 Dt. 12/02/2019
13 05-Feb-2019Administration Regarding suspension of Sri Rahul Bharadwaj, EE (Civil) vide Office Order No. 270 Memo No. 77 Dated 05.02.2019
14 01-Feb-2019Administration Office order regarding participation in the AIESCB Women's game
15 01-Feb-2019Administration तदनुसार श्री चन्दन कुमार सिन्हा, सहायक विद्युत अभियंता ,विद्युत् ापृति अवर प्रमंडल,बनियापुर को एक वार्षिक वेतन विर्धि पर असंचयात्मक प्रभाव से रोक का दण्ड प्रदान
16 01-Feb-2019Administration Notice regarding selection of players for participating in AIESCB Women's Games vide Office Order No 212 memo no 193 dated 01.02019
17 01-Feb-2019Administration तदनुसार श्री पवन कुमार, कनीय विद्युत अभियंता ,विद्युत् ापृति प्रशाखा,बनियापुर को एक वार्षिक वेतन विर्धि पर असंचयात्मक प्रभाव से रोक का दण्ड प्रदान
18 31-Jan-2019Administration The contractual period of Sri Akhilesh Chandra Mishra is hereby extended for further one year vide notification no- 171 & memo no- 172 dated-31.01.2019
19 30-Jan-2019Administration Regarding Creation/Reorganization of ESD/ESSD/ESS under Sitamarhi, Katihar and Saharsa District vide O.O. No. 203 Memo No. 157 Dated 30.01.2019
20 29-Jan-2019O&M Department Resolutions regarding return or adjustment of two key materials such as transformer, rail/ joist poles vide office order no 196 and memo no 28 Dated: 29 Jan 2019