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List of Circulars
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 14-Jun-2024Human Resource Regarding decision taken by BOD meeting in resolution no 13-06.04 vide O.O no-823 , memo-no 304 dated 14.06.2024
2 21-Nov-2022Administration Regarding to the nomination of Sri Binod Prasad, DGM( personnel ) as a Complaint officer for the redressal of grievances/Complaint related to HIV/AIDS infected personnel Vide Office Order No. 1416 and Memo No. 344 Dt. 21/11/2020
3 21-Nov-2022Administration Regarding to the additional charge to Sri Ranjeet Prasad (undersecretary) and Sri Jai Shankar Prasad (undersecretary) for a section N-XVIII vide O.O.No. 1418 , memo no: 290 dated: 21/11/22
4 14-Oct-2022Administration Regarding to the nomination of JEE(civil) for STF work, in addition of his duty with ESE STF , vide 1246 dated: 14/10/22
5 30-Aug-2022Administration Information Regarding Shri Kuldeep Sharma, Nomination of Nodal Officer for Launch of mob app , GPS based attendance system vide O.Order No-975, Memo no-277, dated-30.08.2022
6 27-Nov-2020Administration Regarding nomination of master trainer, nodal officer and member of technical team for "Har Khet Ko Pani" program
7 24-Nov-2020Administration Office Order Regarding Project Work Vide Memo No. 375 and Dt. 24/09/2020
8 23-Oct-2020Human Resource Regarding nomination of nodal officer People's Plan campain (PPC) Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas Vide Office Order No. 995 and Memo No. 399 Dt. 23/10/2020
9 09-Oct-2019Administration Regarding Payment of non-governental member of sexual harrasment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) vide Office Order No. 2259 and Memo No. 752 Dt. 09/10/2019
10 03-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Compensation to Victim of Electrical Accidents Vide Office Order No. 1586 & Memo No. 189 Dt. 03/07/2019
11 15-Jun-2019Administration Regarding Compensation to Victim of Electrical Accidents Vide BSPHCL Office Order No. 106 & Memo No. 107 Dt. 15/06/2019
12 01-Oct-2018Commercial Department Guideline for Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System Based on Net-Metering and Gross-Metering.
13 01-Oct-2018Commercial Department Guideline for Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System Based on Net-Metering and Gross-Metering vide notification no: 766 dated 01/10/2018
14 25-Apr-2018Project 2 Record notes of special review meeting held under chairmanship of CMD,BSPHCL on 10.04.2018 in SBPDCL & NBPDCL under DDG project vide memo no- 1052 dt- 24.04.2018
15 31-Mar-2018Administration Compounding charges
16 01-Feb-2018Human Resource Regarding creation/ re-organization of Division/ Subdivision
17 05-Jul-2017Commercial Department Revision in initial security Deposit of LT Category vide Memo No- 343, Dt- 05.07.17
18 19-Sep-2016Human Resource Creation of 100 (one hundred) no. of new Electric Supply Section vide Office Order No. - 282 dated 25.02.2012
19 29-Apr-2016O&M Department Insurance policy of entire assets & properties of NBPDCL.
20 26-Apr-2016O&M Department The New India Assurance Company Limited Standard fire & special perils policy