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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 12-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of AOs Vide Notification NO. 237-238 and Memo No. 239 Dt. 12/12/2019
2 10-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting/Additional Charge of EEEs vide Notification No. 602-609 and Memo No. 610 Dt. 10/12/2019
3 09-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Transfer & Posting of JEE under NBPDCL vide notification no. 687 memo no. 688 dated 09.12.2019
4 29-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of Sri Dhiraj Kumar Assistant Elecrrical Engineer (Technical & Commercial) Electric supply Circle , Darbhanga Vide Notification No. 558 and Memo No. 559 Dt. 29/11/2019
5 29-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Posting of Newly Recruited Assistants Vide Office Order No. 2525 and Memo No. 525 Dt. 29/11/2019
6 27-Nov-2019Administration Reg. Transfer and Posting of Smt. Varsha (E14614) Assistant Engineer (Civil) Samastipur Vide Notification No. 596 and Memo No. 597 Dt. 27/11/2019
7 26-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Deputation of Sri Sanjeev Kumar AEE Central Store Muzaffarpur Vide Office Order No. 544 and Memo No. 545 Dt. 26/11/2019
8 06-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of AEEs vide Notification No. 517,518 and Memo No. 519 Dt. 06/11/2019
9 05-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Deputation of Sri Amit Kumar Gupta ( Assistant Engineer (Civil)) Sitmarhi, Vide Notification No. 456 and Memo No. 457 Dt. 05/11/2019
10 23-Oct-2019Administration Transfer and Posting of Sri Manikant Goit, AEE MRT Sub division1, Chapra Vide Notification No. 483 and Memo No. 484 Dt. 23/10/2019
11 18-Oct-2019Human Resource Regarding Posting of Newly recurited JEE vide Notification No. 612 and Memo No. 613 Dt. 18/10/2019
12 18-Oct-2019Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting of EEE vide N.No-468, Memo No-469, Dt- 18.10.19
13 10-Oct-2019Human Resource Regarding Transfer and Posting of AEE ,AEE(Maintenance) vide Notification no 452-454 and Memo No. 455 Dt. 10/10/2019
14 09-Oct-2019Administration Regarding work assigned to AEE (Maintenance) vide Office Order No. 2260 and Memo No. 448 Dt. 09/10/2019
15 26-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of JEEs vide Notification No. 575 and Memo No. 575 Dt. 26/09/2019
16 21-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Transfer and Posting of JEEs vide Notification No.563 & Memo No. 564 Dt. 21/09/2019
17 21-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Additional Charge of Accountants vide Office Order No. 2150 and Memo No. 313 dt. 21/09/2019
18 17-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Posting of Newly Recruited JEE Sri Chandan Kumar Manjhi Vide Office Order No. 2131 and Memo No. 379 Dt. 17/09/2019
19 13-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Deputation of Smt. Priti Sinha (E14673), lT Manager, Electric Supply Division, Darblanga (Urban) Vide Office Order No. 259 and Memo No. 260 Dt. 13/09/2019
20 09-Sep-2019Administration Regarding Additional Charge to Sri Arsaf Perwez, Under Secretary, HQ, NBPDCL Notification No. 657 and Memo No. 658 Dt. 09/09/2019