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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 17-Oct-2018Administration कार्यालय अवधि उपरांत सम्बंधित इलेक्ट्रिकल उपकरण बंद करने हेतु आदेश
2 16-Oct-2018Administration Deputation and permission to leave Headquarter for participating in the cultural programme on the eve of foundation day vide office order No.- 1966 dated- 16/10/2018
3 16-Oct-2018Administration Regarding emergency control room on the eve of Durga Puja vide office order no- 1968 dated- 16/10/2018
4 03-Oct-2018Administration Regarding Emergency Control Room to co-ordinate the activities of the field and the HQ during Manav Bal Strike with effect From 6 A.M. on 04.10.2018 Vide Memo No. 1272 Dated 03/10/2018
5 03-Oct-2018Administration Regarding Strike cell constituted consisiting of following officers Vide Memo No. 1274 Dated 03.10.2018
6 28-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding Corrigendum of office order no. 1838 dated 27.09.2018 vide memo no 1195 dated 28.09.2018
7 13-Sep-2018Administration सेवानिवृत कर्मियों का लंबित सेवोत्तर लाभों का निष्पादन हेतु पेंशन अदालत पत्रांक 826 दिनांक 13.09.2018
8 11-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding posting of Assistant vide office order No 1713 memo no 555 dated 11.09.2018
9 11-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding posting of JAC vide office order No 1715 memo no 556 dated 11.09.2018
10 07-Sep-2018Administration Regarding participation in selection trial for volleyball team on 12.09.2018 from 08:00 AM onwards
11 07-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding BERC tariff and Nodal officer vide office no 1691 and memo no 1105 dated 07.09.18
12 06-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding information of team for the status of Spot Billing and Bill distribution vide office Order No 1681 memo no 1103 dated 06.09.2018
13 01-Sep-2018Human Resource Sanction order regarding vehicles for the use of Rconductioring work by AEE(Maintenace) Order No.- 1665 and memo no- 505 dt- 01.09.20182018
14 31-Aug-2018Administration Regarding electric and civil maintenance of Power sub stations.
15 08-Aug-2018Administration Regarding Hon'ble Chief Minister Programme on 10.08.2018
16 07-Aug-2018Administration Sanction of advance Payment to newly recruited AEE vide office Order No.- 1540 and memo no- 978 dt- 07.08.2018
17 07-Aug-2018Administration Sanction of advance Payment to newly recruited AE(Civil) vide office Order No.- 1538 and memo no- 655 dt- 07.08.2018
18 04-Aug-2018Human Resource Regarding posts are further being created in Muzaffarpur district tottal- 3 ESD,s & 9 ESSD and 27 ESS vide O.O.No.-1515, Memo No-667, Dt- 04.08.18
19 21-Jul-2018Human Resource Regarding Sr. Manager posting vide Notification No-474, Memo No- 475 dated- 21.07.2018
20 21-Jul-2018Human Resource Regarding EE(Civil) posting vide Notification No-469, Memo No- 473 dated- 21.07.2018