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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 27-Jun-2017Commercial Department Regarding amendment in policy for grant of instalment facility for the recovery for dues/arrears from the consumers as per clause 10.13 of the Bihar Electricity supply code 2007
2 22-Jun-2017Administration The 1912 Monitoring cell will function under the administrative control of CE(O&M) vide O.O.No- 925, Memo No- 638, Dt- 22.06.17
3 21-Jun-2017Commercial Department Public notice towards petition (Case No. 04/2017) for adoption of tariff of non-solar renewable power(Small hydro/wind/co-generation/bio-mass) vide UIO No. 72 dated 21/06/2017
4 08-Jun-2017Others Schedule of planned shutdown of 33 KV Jokihat,Palasi,Golcha & Raniganj feeder emanating from Forbisganj GSS by BSPTCL.
5 06-Jun-2017Others Cancellation of LOA No-56 dt- 12.04.17 and department of M/s New India Assurance Company Limited vide O.O.No-845, Memo No- 78, Dt-06.06.17
6 01-Jun-2017Others Regarding Vendor Approval of M/s NED Energy Limited, Hyderabad for Valve regulated Lead Acid Battery for Mini Grid and standalone systems under DDG Scheme vide Memo No-744, Dt-01.06.17
7 29-May-2017Others Record noted of special meeting held under the chairmanship of CMD,BSP(H)CL on 16.05.17 at Vidyut Bhawam, Patna to review the work carried out in SBPDCL & nbpdcl under DDG project vide memo No-718, dt- 29/05/2017
8 26-May-2017Administration Team members for BSPHCL and subsidiaries companies cricket in PDCA Sr. Division League Championship matches to be played on 29.05.17 at BSPHCL Cricket Stadium, New Punaichak, Patna.
9 26-May-2017Commercial Department MOM of review meeting of Revenue meeting held on 16.05.16 chaired by MD, NBPDCL vide Memo No- 55, Dt- 25.05.17
10 25-May-2017O&M Department Planned shutdown of 33 KV Paswanchawk Feeder at Hajipur by NBPDCL
11 22-May-2017Administration Regarding JEE regularized under provision contained in Rule 14(C) vide O.O. No-773, Memo No- 230, Dt- 22.05.17
12 19-May-2017Administration Planned shutdown of 33 KV Lalganj Feeder at Hajipur by NBPDCL
13 19-May-2017Project-I Regarding approved GTP for execution of DDUGJY/IPDS projects vide Memo No-2750, Dt- 19.05.17
14 18-May-2017Project-I Regarding corrigendum in approved GTP of 11KV 45 KN disc insulator, 11KV 70 KN disc insulator, 11KV pin insulator, 33KV pin insulator for execution of DDUGJY/IPDS projectsMemo No-2719, Dt- 18.05.17
15 18-May-2017Project-I Regarding corrigendum in approved DTR and line fabrication drawing for execution of DDUGJY/IPDS projects No-2717, Dt- 18.05.17
16 17-May-2017Project-I Approved GA Drawing of 11 KV Line on 9 mtr ,400 Kg PSC Pole -Single Pole cut point arrangment (11-30) for DDUGJY/IPDS scheme Memo No-2656, Dt- 17.05.17
17 17-May-2017Project-I Regarding corrigendum in approved control room layout drawings for execution of DDUGJY/IPDS projects. Memo No- 2659, Dt- 17.05.17
18 15-May-2017Project-I Regarding Approved Structure Drawing for execution of DDUGJY/IPDS scheme No-2618, Dt- 15.05.17
19 12-May-2017O&M Department Planned shutdown of 33 KV Nayatola & MIT Feeder at Muzaffarpur by MVVL
20 12-May-2017Administration Regarding executive Assistant extension for One year vide O.O.No- 728, Memo No- 227, Dt- 12.05.17