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Notice Board

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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 20-Jan-2020Administration Transfer & posting of ITM, Chapra west vide office order no-87 & memo no- 54 dated- 20.01.2020
2 14-Jan-2020Administration Suspension order of Sri Radheshyam Kumar, JEE, Electric Supply section Murliganj vide office order no.- 60 & memo no- 46 dated- 14.01.2020
3 10-Jan-2020Human Resource Regarding formation of new cell related to Suvidha App vide Office order No. 55 memo no. 18 dated 10.01.2020
4 10-Dec-2019Human Resource Allegation to Junior Assistant, ESSD(North)Lalganj, Muzaffarfur vide office order no- 2569 memo no 421 dt- 07.12.2019
5 04-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Regular Pay scale of JACs Vide Office Order No. 2548 and Memo No. 532 Dt. 04/12/2019
6 02-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Constitution of cell for proper monitoring and timely execution of RT-DAS (Real Time Data Acquisition System) Vide Office Order No. 2537 and Memo No. 567 Dt. 02/12/2019
7 30-Nov-2019Administration फर्जी विज्ञापन के आधार पर ठगी से बचने सम्बन्धी सूचना
8 27-Nov-2019Administration Regarding Partial Modification to Sl. No. 8 of Notification No. 461 dated 15.10.2019 vide Notification No. 546 and Memo No. 547 Dt. 27/11/2019
9 27-Nov-2019Human Resource Regarding Regular Pay scale Vide Notification No.548 and Memo No. 549 Dt. 27/11/2019
10 20-Nov-2019Administration Allegation to JEE, ESSS Murliganj(North), Madhepura vide office roder no- 932 dt- 20.11.2019
11 18-Nov-2019Others Buglary Policy
12 18-Nov-2019Others CGL Policy
13 18-Nov-2019Others Cyber Policy
14 18-Nov-2019Others Fire Policy
15 18-Nov-2019Others Floter Policy
16 18-Nov-2019Others Marine Policy
17 18-Nov-2019Others MBD policy
18 18-Nov-2019Others Money Policy
19 11-Nov-2019Human Resource Regarding employment notice related to BERC memo no 1299 dt 05.11.2019
20 11-Nov-2019Human Resource Regarding Regular Pay scale of JEEs Vide office order No.2428 and Memo No. 479 Dt. 11/11/2019