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• That, there is no electricity dues outstanding on the applied premises in my name or relative/partners/Directors name due from erstwhile BSEB / NBPDCL as enumerated under clause 4.1 of Bihar Electricity Supply Code – 2007 . After having electric connection at any point of time if it is established that there is electricity dues as defined under clause 4.1 of BESC-2007 , the electric connection shall liable to be disconnected and such dues will be recoverable in accordance with the provisions under BESC-2007.

• That,I will ensure compliance of Sanction order and other directions issued from sanctioning authority in time and at no point of time cause to delay the process of disposal of application.

• That,I shall abide by the provisions under BESC-2007 as amended from time to time ,provisions under Agreement, and other relevant provisions. • That,If payment of electricity bill/bills is/are not done by me the electricity dues shall be recoverable from me as per Public Demand Recovery Act. • That,If connection for which application has been given does not found to be feasible I will not claim for refund of application fee.